Please allow me to introduce myself


My name is Willemien Rijsdijk. I have been working as a financial translator under the name Fluent in Finance since 2004. I work for a select group of national and international financial institutions and financial magazines.

My extensive financial expertise and practical experience give me an edge over other financial translators. I spent almost 18 years working on the stock exchange floor and in dealing rooms, including as a trainer of stock exchange floor personnel, as an investment analyst, broker and asset manager. In those days I was chiefly concerned with ‘translating’ figures, nowadays I focus on the words and the style of the texts.

Following an additional four-year course, I was offically sworn in as a translator at the District Court of Utrecht. My day-to-day work comprises translating financial texts on investments, accountancy, macro-economics and financial regulations from English into Dutch. The challenge lies in the wide variety: one day I might be working on a technical monetary piece, the next a marketing brochure designed to attract investors to a new investment product. Or perhaps a press release from a listed company about a major takeover, followed by a monthly report for an investment fund which includes extensive performance attribution. And this all finds its way to my home-based office; as a mother of two teenagers, I made a conscious decision to adopt this lifestyle.

Are you looking for a sworn financial translator who speaks the same language as the investor, the banker and the accountant? A translator who understands your texts and is able not only to put your message into correct Dutch, but also to use the same jargon as your target group? Send me an E-mail and I will contact you to discuss a trial translation, free of charge and obligation.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the rest of my website. You will find not only a selection of sample translations and my CV, but also a few useful extras: